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Friday, 20. November 2020
Sie suchen eine neue Herausforderung und wollen Ihre Erfahrung einbringen?

5 Phasen MVP Covid-19

Tuesday, 24. March 2020

A 5-phase-MVP COVID-19 Opensource hack for all that do not yet have a corona contingency plan

Our COVID-19 response team has transformed our internal corona roadmap into a universal MVP for you. It is designed for an industrial SME that provides engineering and production services and has its own products (in our case hardware modules, functional modules, software components). So there is something for everyone in the package.

Please understand the 5-Phase-MVP «COVID-19 Immune System» for what it is: an opensource hack against the aggressive Coronavirus according to the MVP philosophy: Build.Ship.Fail.Fast.Learn! The first two are done, let's now quickly and jointly move and raise the shields against this blackswan, think and act agile, then adapt and share learnings.

Please forward this MVP to any COVID-19 response teams.

As Dr. Michael Ryan, WHO Executive Director puts it, every single day counts: „The single biggest mistake ist not to move. We must not be afraid of failure. Instead, we should be afraid of not getting into high alert and action mode. ASAP!"

Stay healthy!

Best regards,

The Schmid Elektronik COVID-19-Response Team

Please find here updated Versions of the 5-Phase-Hack COVID19-Immunesystem and also processes and procedures how to apply in daily operations: http://wiki.schmid-elektronik.ch/zsom/doku.php

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