Boosting on-track Performance through the Power of Data and Telemetry

Take your driver and vehicle a step further in the competition through knowledge about data-driven racing strategies and the powerful building blocks of AI. From zero to hero, this webinar is where you get your data, information and knowledge questions answered.

This lunch & Learn session gives you a competitive edge on-track by leveraging insights from telemetry race data – helping your team optimize your vehicle, innovate your mileage challenge strategy and driving tactics, and, ultimately, improve your on-track performance through greater energy efficiency.

With data and precision woven into your gameplan, you can even advance your way towards the championships! Learn the basics and understand the data that is provided by the Shell Eco-marathon telemetry system. Find out how to interact with this data, how to export it to a Spreadsheet and how to analyze it with Python in the interactive Jupyter Notebook.

Finally benefit from valuable insights that help you holistically solve the multi-goal challenge of higher energy efficiency, shorter lap times and safety at all times. Through the building blocks of AI and graph theory, we move off the beaten path of traditional approaches… We’ll solve challenges the data science way, and turn data to insight, and insight to vehicle success on-track for your driver to become “one” with the racing environment on every driven meter.

Next Lunch & Learn Session: July 5th 2023, Mandalika/Indonesia, 11:30-1pm


  1. Optimization Best Practises (Vehicle Design, Powertrain, Driving Strategy)
  2. What is the Shell Eco-marathon telemetry system?
  3. Understanding Race Data
  4. Basic Tutorial #1: Interactive Data Dashboarding with existing Tools
  5. Intermediate Tutorial #2: Individual Data Analythis with Python and Jupyter
  6. Advanced Tutorial #3: A holistic Race Strategy
  7. Gain Knowledge from Data