Data & Telemetry Bootcamp: Turn your Race Data into Energy Efficiency

Shell Eco-marathon Partner, Schmid Elektronik, will be hosting an on-site bootcamp. We’ll apply what we have learned during the webinar series of three : Now on the real thing: the race track!

Level up your racing game at our best practise bootcamp that comes in two parts! First dive deep into data and telemetry, then hit the track to apply your knowledge firsthand. With a focus on the Minimum Viable Products (MVP) philosophy, we’ll guide you through practical, iterative learning for immediate performance gains. Get ready to accelerate your skills and get ahead in the competition!

The bootcamp will be conducted in English.

Craft Your Winning Edge: Simple Strategies for Instant Impact!

45 minutes including Q&A
On Monday, May 20th 2024, at 14:00 am

In this first part of two, you will learn how to familiarize yourself with a racetrack and how to come up with different strategies that you think will work best. They include executable burn & coast patterns for your driver to memorize and create race data. You will use this data in the second part of the bootcamp to gain insights and improve results.


  1. Recap of the webinar 1-3 with focus on interactive data dashboarding
  2. Recap of the MVP-Philosophy and how it can be applied in the bootcamp
  3. Know how to take these five steps to success:
    1. Create different race strategies based on experience, best practise and common sense: e.g. how to take corner three without braking, how to play with banking before entering corner four, etc?
    2. Then use the practise run attempts to apply these patterns on the race track. Check the dashboard for result consistency.
    3. Identify the best strategy by quantitative data analysis
    4. Get a deep understanding of the best strategy by qualitative analysis and create actionable feedback for your driver
    5. Reproduce the best strategy with predictive results on track

The bootcamp concludes with a quiz.

Drive Your Data: Turning Race Theory into Track Performance!

45minutes including Q&A
On Wednesday, May 22th 2024, at 12:00 am

Transitioning from theory to action, you’re honing in on tailored race strategies and driving patterns, fine-tuned to your vehicle, driver, and track nuances. Through iterative cycles, you’re carefully crafting race data, ensuring consistency in speed and energy profiles. As your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) evolves, delve deeper into the impact of diverse racing strategies and driving techniques, mastering the art of delivering precision-driven, high-quality attempts.


  1. Learn the effects of driving patterns and correlate speed- and energy-use profiles
  2. How to get your own CSV file and learn about its structure?
  3. How to do a quick Analysis in Spreadsheets?
  4. How to extract knowledge out of data using Python and Jupyter?
  5. How to reach the next level by holistic data racing (recap webinar 3)

The bootcamp concludes with a short quiz.